Value Proposition

What we offer.

Impact-Free Water offers innovative technology that provides customers with any of the following:

  • fresh water from a permanent supply;
  • electricity that is both environmentally friendly and more consistent than wind or solar;
  • sea water pumped in large volumes continuously;
  • by-products including mariculture, and
  • the opportunity to earn carbon credits;

all WITHOUT needing electricity in the process! The water supply and energy are free from the sea.

The solution we offer is highly customised to client needs. It is arguably the most environmentally friendly solution for the provision of electricity, and it provides a sustainable source of water.

Based on the client needs, the configuration of the implementation allows for a focus on fresh water, high volume sea water, or electricity. Once installed, the only input required is the sea itself, and other than for an annual service, or any shore based value add services, there are no costs. As the system is designed to last for at least 40 years, the capital cost can be written off over an extended period, making the solution cost competitive.

Defined niche within an expanding global market.

Our early goal at Impact Free Water has been to develop a durable and scalable system of water and energy provision, customized for distinctive needs. That remains our narrow focus. Yet as the technology proved its value, and demand grew, the scope of our potential has expanded.

Geopolitical pressures drive up demand.

Water may be renewable, but it’s also quite scarce. By UN goals, nations must secure fresh water for 900 million people who lack it. Within 15 years, two-thirds of humanity is on track to suffer a state of water stress, and demand 40% more water than the earth can reliably provide.

At the same time, carbon-intensive purification projects are scaled back due to caps on emissions. Electricity itself is in increasing demand from sustainable sources, and while wind and solar are gaining traction, they are not as consistent as wave energy, and also require large unsightly equipment.

Optimal clients who would gain most from Impact Free Water include:

  • Remote and isolated coastal communities.
  • Dry and increasingly thirsty islands, Including Robben Island
  • Water-intensive, brand-sensitive companies.
    Certain market leaders in the food, mineral, aquaculture, beverage, and manufacturing industries place a premium on reducing their water and carbon footprint. These pioneers are exploring ways
  • Consumers of bottled water.

Upgrading aging, dirty, broken systems.

In dry, affluent, or oil-rich parts of the world, centralized desalination plants tend to be less efficient, losing a large portion of treated water through transmission, while subsidies encourage waste on the supply side. Werops offer an alternative to expensive, dirty, diesel or coal powered seawater desalination systems.

The WEROP® (Wave Energy Reverse Osmosis Pump) is a system that uses wave energy directly to pump high pressure feed water into a reverse osmosis filtration system. The system uses the orbital motion of a passing wave to continually pressurize seawater, or an alternative hydraulic fluid. The waste stream from the RO system can be fitted with a turbine to generate power as a by-product. The other by-products are useful and exploitable:

  • Mineral extraction
  • Mariculture
  • Sanitation
  • Training facilitation and capacity building