The WEROP™Wave Energy Reverse Osmosis Pump

Werops meet rising demands from coastal communities for reliable drinking water and renewable electricity by ‘tapping’ a nonstop source of energy: the restless sea. With this proven and proprietary technology solution you are ensured of:


    Suns set. Winds die. But endless waves provide constant energy and access to a 24/7 source of water and power.


    Every wave generates multiple benefits at one hub. You can secure fresh, clean water and electricity with no messy distant outside complications.


    Too often, growth steals water from nature or the future. But Werops let you create precious new supplies at no risk…


    Werops offer a modular, distributed approach adaptable to local needs of any coastal community, resort, business, or island nation.


    Your all-in-one package saves energy, prevents any pollution, saves time and money. No water and energy solution offers so much value for so little cost.


    We’re so confident Werops will meet your high quality and quantity demands, we’ll refund resource dissatisfaction!