How it works

The WEROP is a patented, locally built unit that sits on the sea bed anywhere between 500m and 1km out to sea. The pump, using wave power, pushes water through an undersea pipe to the shore, where it is configured to do any or all of the following:

  • run through a Reverse Osmosis unit to produce fresh water, and
  • run through a turbine to produce electricity.
  • be pumped at high volume for land based sea water mariculture.

The Reverse Osmosis unit can be configured to produce water for irrigation, or high quality tap water, or even ultra-high quality water for bottling.

A techno-economic evaluation of the wave pump facility, referred to as the IFW facility or technology and consisting of a combination of the sea unit itself plus one, two or three of the processes as described above, has been completed to confirm the viability of the system. The model was applied to two separate (hypothetical) locations, namely a South African Municipal location near a coastal town and Tropical Island location.


What we offer:

WEROP process schematic diagram commercial

  • Hardware – Wave powered seawater desalination and power generation, including all system components
  • Installation – the hardware will be delivered and installed on site.
  • Service contract  – to ensure the system runs optimally and maximise the lifespan of the system.
  • Funding options – the customer may purchase the system outright or lease it.
  • An opportunity for a client to lower its Carbon emissions and improve its green image.


The system has four key components that are scalable and modular and can be configured to suit the client needs. They are:

  1. Water Unit (WEROP Engine)
  2. Pipeline (high pressure, and able to serve multiple water units)
  3. Reverse Osmosis Unit – water production
  4. Power Unit – electricity production.

The technology has advantages for island communities in that it is modular, perpetual as opposed to wind and solar, is not impacted by factors that may affect an island water table, and it is amenable to operation in remote locations, may make the IFW option preferable for such markets.